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Top 5 references to Jesus in Gorky's Zygotic Mynci lyrics

1. Dwedes ti bod roedd Iesu yn edrych fel gitar
You said that Jesus looks like a guitar
2. Wedyn dechreuodd Iesu ware ei gitar
Then Jesus started playing his guitar
3. Ers i draw am te dar Iesu
I went round to Jesus' house for tea
4. Well oedd Iesu yn hwylio ei bad
Gyda chymorth ei tad
Well Jesus was sailing his boat
With help from his dad
5. Yn un llaw rwy'n dal llun o'r Iesu
In one hand I'm holding a picture of Jesus

OK, so all of these are from the same song ("Miriam O Farbel"), with the exception of #4, which is from "Morwyr O Hyd Yn Llad Eu Hun Ar Y Tir".
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