Mister Lizard (tomatorama) wrote in funfs,
Mister Lizard

In response to Emma's post, I bring you top five extinct birds with funny names:
1. Laughing owl
2. Po'o-uli
3. Society parakeet
4. Mysterious starling
5. Reunion owl

1. Narquamme's door-bell hummingbird (existed for only 3 weeks in the 16th Century)
2. Merry curlew (was too annoying)
3. St Radbertus' spangled goose (hunted to extinction for its spangles)
4. Hwo'o-cha (gave up too easily)
5. Custard creme pigeon (last specimen was eaten by King Torthred XIIV as an extravegance, during a mummy unwrapping-and-then-dancing-with dinner)
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